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LiquidLEDs, a Leading Distributor of LED Lighting Solutions in Australia and New Zealand

Welcome to LiquidLEDs! We are a premier supplier of LED light bulbs and other LED lighting systems in Australia and New Zealand. To show our commitment towards reducing energy dependence on conventional light sources, we've developed a unique and innovative line of LED lighting systems that are energy efficient, long lasting, and durable. We recognise the fact that LED lights are a crucial component to creating more sustainable lifestyles, and as such, we've developed a range of LED lighting solutions with the average consumer's needs in mind.

Key Features

LiquidLEDs is proud to have a new range of Vintage LED light bulbs featuring new Flexible LED Filament Technology. Our new line of LED filament bulbs features a special “soft” LED filament, a design inspired by the classic engineering of the incandescent light bulb. Instead of our old method, using an array of diodes, arranged to ensure a 360° beam spread, LiquidLEDs has now moved on to using soft LED filaments technology, where the diodes are embedded in special polymer materials, using the company's proprietary production process. With the same beam spread as the old technology, soft LED filaments enable us to design our LED devices to look like ordinary light bulbs, making it easier for consumers to get accustomed especially for decorative lightings such as like pendant light, cage light, and chandeliers. Soft LED filaments also drastically improve light quality and open the way for us to design more creative lighting devices that break out of the traditional looking mould.

Additionally, our bulbs have been developed specifically for Australia - fitted with 250V resistors allowing them to withstand our country's maximum electrical fluctuation.

Top Seller of LED Lights

LiquidLEDs is proud to the biggest supplier of LED lights in Australia and New Zealand. Our extensive range of LED lighting solutions is manufactured under the strictest standards, ensuring that our consumers get nothing but high-quality LED products. Each light under the LiquidLEDs banner is designed for a specific purpose, all of them capable of reducing your energy consumption by at least 80%.

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