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Welcome to LiquidLEDs Lighting

We are LED light bulb specialists, ensuring that we are not only at the forefront of LED technology but that we also have a range that adheres to everybody’s needs, fittings, wants and budget.

Over the years, we have acknowledged the dependence that we carry on traditional lighting methods. We made it our mission to develop an innovative LED line that, above everything else, offers efficient, durable lighting to everybody.

We have specialised products that simultaneously focus on quality, sustainability and aesthetics. Our research and experience have allowed us to become highly proficient in the industry, enabling us to choose the perfect LED lighting, that doesn’t lack in any important areas.


Key features

We have great pride in the specialised line of LED light bulbs that we have developed. We can confidently say the range we provide boasts innovative technology, incredible design and exceptional practicality. Our authority has allows us to adapt to the newest technology, allowing every room or building to reap the benefits of LED lighting, whether vintage, modern, flamboyant or minimalist.

Our products, although visually appealing, also sustain incredible technical and practical properties. The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) value of our bulb range is very high, on average sitting at a CRI90+.

We have also made sure that our LED bulbs are compatible with most Australian LED dimmers, diminishing the need for a new dimmer switch or fitting. We made sure this was a feature, as we aimed to give everybody the opportunity to have beautiful, creative LED lighting in their homes.  


Why should you shop with us?

As specialists in the field, we have a respectable reputation that has allowed us to become Australia and New Zealand’s premium LED lighting supplier. It’s clear to see why; the beautiful range of lighting we provide is produced to an exceptional standard.

The LED lighting movement, filled with energy efficient, beautiful and durable pieces has begun, and we’re proud to say that we are at the foreground.

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