Why Shop at LiquidLEDs?

Vintage Collection

- Extra warm light with Vintage design

- Available in an array of shapes and familiar form factors

- True warm white light to create a cosy environment to your living space

- Vintage style bulb fitted with high-quality LED technology, ideal for home use


Classic Collection

- Perfect to fit on your chandeliers and light fixtures

- High quality - True incandescent-like warm white light

- Long life bulbs - Lasts up to 15 years, saves energy and money

- Perfect replacement to your traditional light bulb

- Similar shape and size as standard halogen bulb


Who we are

Since 2010, LiquidLEDs has been dedicated to bringing you the best possible lighting options.

We’ve worked with some of the world’s most established and innovative manufacturers to develop a variety of unique LED products.  They have been designed specifically for Australia’s lighting environment, giving you the perfect lighting solution for any space and every budget.

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