Our Story

Welcome to LiquidLEDs Lighting. We’re pleased that you’re here and excited to share our collection of classic and vintage LED light bulbs. We’ve been supplying all glass LEDs to designers, interior decorators, lighting shops, electrical wholesalers, electricians, architects, and the public since 2010.

We’re a family-owned company so we’re free to do business the right way. For us, that means an uncompromising focus on customer service, design, quality, and sustainability. Our LEDs provide a warm light and have a high colour rendering index.

We believe in putting the customer first which is why we’ve always designed our LEDs to have a similar size and look to the traditional incandescent bulbs. Of course, we’re also dedicated to providing the highest possible quality product. That’s why we replaced the tungsten filament with an LED filament.

We’re always seeking to improve both our processes and our products which is why we replaced those PCB style LEDs with a new vintage style filament that looks even more like the traditional light bulbs we all grew up with.

If you’re a designer, electrician, or architect, you know that light bulbs don’t simply provide light. They direct the focus of everyone in a space and they are integral in setting the right mood for any given occasion. We’ve got what you need to thrill your client.

If you’re simply looking for just the right bulb to give your home the warmth your family deserves, we have the products and expertise to help you find the right bulbs for every spot in your home.

Call us today on 02 8880 9033 so we can help you make a brighter tomorrow for your family, your customers, or your clients.