With its small footprint and...
With its small footprint and strong light, the 12 Volt AC/DC G4 LED Bi-Pin Dimmable Light Bulb by LiquidLEDs is a lighting solution that’s best suited for local lighting in...
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G4 LED light bulbs

Very often forgotten in the world of LED, leaving you with less efficient bulb choices. The G4 bulb is most commonly found under cabinets and in campervan lighting. Although a niche type of base, we still want you to be able to experience the benefits of LED.

LED lighting has multiple benefits, from saving you money, being kinder to the environment, lasting longer and providing better results with less energy. Of course, we were going to stock G4 caps.

Our G4 LED bi-pin radiates a warm white colour. This creates a cozy type of feeling, making it great for mood lighting. Not to mention, it’s also dimmable. This means that you can adjust it whenever, for whatever you want. Different tasks require different types of lighting.

G4 LED bulbs are great choices for small spaces. Their miniature size, high output and low energy consumption make them the perfect choice.

Bases of bulbs can be quite confusing. How do you know if it will work? How can you be sure that it will fit? Well, you’re in luck - we have put together a guide on shopping bases. This will let you know if you’re on the right track, or what fixtures to look out for.

Our G4 bulbs are also dimmable, which isn’t a common feature for this type of bulb. We wanted to add more convenience to your LED quest. Dimmable bulbs mean that you can change how bright or dim your room is, adding flexibility to your home that you never knew you needed.

If you’re stuck on anything, need advice or have any questions. We’re here to help.

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