1. Why LED lights help the environment
    We have an obligation, as humans, to help our environment and take the necessary steps to fight climate change - and do our part.  As you'll alread...
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  2. The ultimate LED timeline
    By now, you probably know of all the benefits that LED lighting brings. From low costs, higher efficiency and better quality, there is nothing that...
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  3. Halogen vs LED bulbs
    It's the age-old question - why go for LED bulbs when halogen bulbs exist? They're cheaper and seem like they work exactly the same, right?  Well, ...
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  4. How to buy the best light bulbs
    How do you find the best light bulbs for your home, with the array of different choices available in the market?  It's true, light bulbs are a lot ...
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  5. Things you Need for your Indoor Garden
      Growing plants indoors has become one of the best ways to become self-sustainable. Many homeowners are now converting a part of their home...
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  6. How to get outdoor lighting like a pro
    Winter or summer, everybody loves to hang around outdoors. When the conversations start flowing, and the bugs have gone to sleep - why should you h...
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  7. Can dim light damage your memory?
    Neuroscientists have found a correlation between a change in brain structure, low memory and dim light. This new study, conducted by a group of neu...
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  8. LED Lighting – the Newer Brightness is Here
      There have been changes in the LED field Up until now, LED bulbs have looked fairly unconventional. This is primarily due to the use of flat ch...
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  9. Why LED Light Bulbs are Safer?
    The light bulb market has become flooded with a number of power-friendly bulbs. These bulbs are slowly replacing the conventional incandes...
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  10. Swimming Pool Lighting Tips
    The few of us lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our homes know that they’re great for entertaining and hosting summer parties for f...
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  11. Outdoor Lighting – Keeping your Pets Safe
    Our pets, especially dogs, don’t want to stay cooped up in the house all day. if you have a house with a lawn or backyard, give Fido a chance to ...
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  12. Why get Eco-friendly Bulbs for your Home
    If you find a few bulbs that need to be changed during your maintenance check, consider getting energy friendly bulbs as a replacement. Thes...
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