Why LEDs are the Best Choice for Photo and Video Lighting

LEDs are the Best Choice for Photo and Video Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to taking photos and shooting video footage. In many ways, photography and videography is all about the art and science of capturing and manipulating light to create images and footage. Some photographers and videographers are even experimenting with over and under exposed material, giving personality to their art. Lighting equipment has also changed over the years, becoming more versatile and compact. With the leaps and bounds made in LED technology, it’s no surprise why LED lighting has also made its way into photography and videography. And it’s no small wonder. These tiny diodes pack a powerful punch as far as brightness is concerned. They typically come in plastic casings and can either be plugged or battery operated. 

They Use Less Electricity What’s great about LED lights is that they last very long—years in fact. This is because they use less power to create the same amount of light a tungsten or incandescent light would, which means your batteries longer as you don’t have to constantly charge or change them with a fresh pack. LED photo and video lights are perfect for professionals and amateurs who want low maintenance equipment. 

They’re More Durable LED lighting systems come with solid state lighting technology and plastic enclosures, and generate very little heat even after used for several hours—they’re even cool to the touch. This combination means that LEDs, when cared for properly, can last for years. And even if you abuse them, LED lighting systems are absolutely more durable than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. 

They’re More Cost Effective LED lights do cost a little more than other lighting systems, but if you think about their use in long-term situations, you’ll realize that you’re getting a good return of investment. Since they last longer, you save on maintenance and replacement costs, which means that LED lighting systems actually pay for themselves over the long run.

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