Protect your outdoor lights

When it comes to outdoor lightings, keeping them safe is a main priority. They’re constantly exposed to the weather, changing temperature and even wild animals so they’re easily damaged. If you’ve already spent a lot on these lights, especially if you shifted to new energy friendly bulbs that cost a little more than common outdoor bulbs, you’d want to make sure that you won’t have to keep changing them because they get damaged all the time.

Below are a few tips on how to protect your outdoor lights and making the most of their life span. 

Make Sure You’re Using Outdoor Friendly Bulbs People make the common mistake of using regular light bulbs for outdoor lighting. Most of the time, these don’t last that long because they’re constantly exposed to wear and tear. Most light bulb brands actually have a specific line of bulbs that are made for the outdoors. It’s best to read the packaging first before making a purchase or ask a sales person to make sure that the bulb you’re getting is outdoor friendly. 

Place them Inside A Container One of the best ways to keep your outdoor light bulbs protected is to place them inside a lamp or cover. Most home improvement shops carry a wide array of outdoor lamp shades made from metal, glass and sometimes even wood. Make sure these are sturdy enough that they don’t fall apart when exposed to strong winds and rains. 

Keep them Elevated Always place your lights above ground. You don’t want water to get into the socket and damage it. a wet bulb could also be a hazard and you might end up getting electrocuted if the light fixture isn’t dealt with properly. If you’re planning to get those underground light fixtures, like path lights with LEDs, make sure that the containers can be sealed shut to avoid any water from getting inside.

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