Keeping Kids Safe from Light Bulbs

 Some of the most common accidents that happen in any household involve light bulbs. People often end up getting cut by broken glass or even burned by the heat bulbs give out. Sometimes, kids can get really curious and even get into trouble by touching these bulbs.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to keep them safe around light bulbs and make sure that they don’t hurt themselves. 

When One Breaks, Keep The Area Off Limits With glass light bulbs, you can simply sweep the broken pieces of glass into a paper bag. But when you have kids around, you need to be very cautious. You don’t want them getting hurt or cut by the broken pieces of glass.

Keep them outside the area where the glass broke and thoroughly clean the space. To avoid any broken light bulbs completely, check out replacement bulbs like LED light bulbs. These are made with a plastic-like material which doesn’t shatter easily. 

Loose The Heat What makes common light bulbs like incandescent bulbs dangerous are that they heat up to produce light. An incandescent bulb that’s kept on for a long period of time becomes too hot to touch and may even turn into a fire hazard.

For places where your kids spend most of their time, it might be best to just replace the bulbs in the area with newer bulbs that don’t contain a filament to produce light, such as LED bulbs. These not only keep your kids safe, but they also keep any dangers of fires from happening. 

Keep their Hands Off The easiest way to stop your kids from getting their hands on the bulbs is to place them in places where they have a hard time reaching it or by using lamps that cover the whole bulb. It’s also important that you teach them to never touch a light bulb that’s turned on because it’s dangerous.

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