Childproof Nightlight

Giving your child his or her own room can help promote independence and lessen separation anxiety. One of the hardest things to do is to help your child get accustomed to sleeping alone in the dark. Thankfully, there are nights lights that not only help them get through the night but can also serve as a decorative piece for their bedroom.

When choosing these, it’s best to make sure they’re childproof to avoid any accidents. Below are a few tips. No to corded lamps Some night lights are actually table lamps that are designed for kids, but these could be dangerous, especially since they have a cord that can trip the child. This also means that they could electrocute themselves if they get their hands on the outlet. Instead, stick with night lights that are battery powered. They’re cordless so you can easily bright them around you won’t have to worry about the chances of them getting electrocuted. Not to mention they come in a wide variety of fun designs, from lamps to animal figures. Tap on and off The simplest night light you can use would be the ones that use LED bulbs which you can easily tap on and off.

Your kids can also easily operate these lights so when they’re feeling afraid, they can just tap it on to give their room a little more lighting. They’re also cheap. You can find these in home improvement stores or even online. Mind any removable parts Although a mobile with a night light looks amazing, be careful when it comes to parts that can easily be pulled off or removed, especially small toys that can pose as a choking hazard. Also, make sure that the bulb, even the little LEDs, is securely inside the lamp.

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