DIY Kids room Lights

Decorating your child’s room is one of the most interesting activities that you can do at home. You don’t need to spend a lot to make their room look interesting, especially when it comes to lights. You’re kids are going to thank you for adding a couple of night lights to give them a bit of brightness at night. It also helps stop them from getting scared if they do wake up in the middle of the night.

Here are a few ideas for creative D.I.Y night lights that you can make for your kids. 

Bird House Lights Those little bird houses that you can find in gardening supply shops for less than 10 dollars can be used to create an interesting night light. Cut a hole on the base of the bird house and add an LED light bulb inside. You can even use one of those batter powered ones so your kids can just turn them on and off without having to deal with a wire and socket. If you do use a regular light bulb, install a switch so your child can easily switch it on. 

Bulb in a Glass This is best for older kids since it’s made out of glass, but hanging this securely in one side of their room will definitely give it a magical glow. Use a mason glass and make sure it still has a cover. Make a hole on the cover and thread some wire inside. Install a light bulb base and screw in a light bulb. The best kind to use would be LEDs since these don’t heat up and are less prone to turn into a fire hazard. 

Starry Lampshade Get creative with a boring lampshade by cutting out interesting shapes like starts or planets on it. When your kids turn this light on, it’ll create interesting shadows and shapes on the walls. Some would even cover these with colored paper to give the light a slight hint of color.

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