Brodie Lighthouse - A Stalwart among Sydney's Lighting Retailers


Broadie Lighthouse

Although Liquidleds' efforts to develop and produce energy-efficient LED light bulbs, tubes and globes are laudable, the work of a single company just isn't enough to cause massive changes. Fortunately, governments around the world are taking steps to push manufacturers to phase out inefficient lighting products in favour of low-energy alternatives. This has resulted in more manufacturers developing their own versions of LED lights, which in turn has spurned lighting retailers to offer such products to their customers.

Brodie Lighthouse, located along Manly Vale, is a stalwart among lighting retailers in Sydney. The company was first established in 1976 and has since grown to become one of the city's largest and most trusted lighting retailers. The store prides itself on delivering the best customer service, an indicator of its family-owned roots. Through the years, the company has managed to uphold its high training standards and level of expertise, allowing their customers to not only get the best lighting products but the soundest advice on how to use them as well. Aside from carrying an extensive line-up of lighting products, Brodie Lighthouse also offers a range of lighting fixtures, shades, bases and more.

The retailer can also lend their expertise in matters that involve both domestic and commercial lighting. Despite the high price tags of LED lights, Brodie Lighthouse still chooses to carry these lighting alternatives in an effort to push more people into purchasing more energy-efficient lights. While it will definitely take time for the general public to understand the wisdom behind spending more initially in order to save even more in the long run, with retailers like Brodie around, that time looks to be just around the corner. Together, LiquidLeds and Brodie Lighthouse are set to be Saving More Eyes, Pockets, and the Planet! Welcome to the LiquidLeds revolution! For more information on Broadie Lighthouse, check their website or click her for directions to their shop.

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