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Mirror crown LED filament light bulbs

As well as looking really amazing, Mirror Crown bulbs also have quite practical functions too. These decorative bulbs are characterised by their chrome finish on the top half. As beautiful as they are, the mirror also redirects the light back into the fixture and reduces the chance of a harsh glare. Our collection of mirror crown bulbs also have the classic LED filament inside, replicating the unique look of traditional bulbs.

Our bulbs are also available in a wide range of different shapes. From the traditional bulbs, a globe style bulb and also, a fancy round or golf ball size. You can choose from gold or silver crowns, depending on your overall aesthetic goals. Globe bulbs are a really wonderful statement piece, where traditionally designed bulbs upkeep vintage, classic looks. Find how to shop your bulbs by the glass here.

Most people use their mirror LED bulbs as a pendant lighting, so, much more like a decorative piece. You’ll often find them in hotel lobbies, over kitchen islands, or illuminating table tops in cafes and restaurants. The gold or silver finish make the bulb much easier to sit under, without the risk of a harsh glare. They can also be used as mood lighting in places like lounges. The LED mirror crown bulbs can also be used on covered porches as long as they are protected from direct contact with water.

Our mirror crown LED bulbs are also dimmable, meaning you adapt them to what you need. They come in a variety of bases which can identify from the code - E27, B22 and E14. We put together a simple guide on basesmaking it easy to find the right bulb for your existing fixtures; eliminating a lot of the stress so you can focus on picking the bulb based on function and design.


If you need any extra help with picking your bulb or are looking for more information on mirror crown bulbs, you can contact us here and we would happily answer any questions for you.

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