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Classic LED Light Bulbs & Globes

Our traditional classic collection of LED light bulbs and globes showcases the thought and consideration which we put into our products. We choose our classic lights on their quality, aesthetic appeal and bases. This is exactly why you’ll find such a wide range of traditional LED bulbs in our collection.

Traditional can be defined by many things, we know this, and we know that one person’s traditional home can look completely different to the next. For this reason, we stock a range of different designs. From gold crowned LED light bulbs all the way to a quad loop filament LED globe.

One of the most common aspects of our LED lights is their replica filament. This simple addition means that our LED bulbs resemble that of the incandescent counterparts. However, you still get to feel all the benefits of LED lighting.

LED bulbs are a much better option; they are more efficient, they use less energy, help the environment and last much longer. We know how important certain aesthetics are to upkeep - this includes interiors. Our technology and traditional collection mean that you don’t have to compromise on either style or technology.

If you need any help in finding which bulb you should go for, our comprehensive guide on how to shop for LED bulbs will cover everything for you. From function to wattage, this should help you in choosing one of our wonderful traditional LED light bulbs.

If you need any extra guidance, we are only one click away. You can contact us with any questions.  

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