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Cool White LED Light Bulbs 5500 Kelvin

Cool white LED light bulbs (5500K)

Cool white is an incredible development with lighting. There was a time when all lighting was dim and warm - making it impossible to focus on anything, do any work or concentrate. Thanks to LED lighting, we can have brightly lit workshops, kitchens, studios and hallways.

Our cool white bulbs come in the 2U and 3U styles. This quite literally refers to the number of ‘U’ shapes on the bulb. You can also find the base code - either B22 or E27, which refers to the base compatible with that certain bulb. It’s important that you make sure that your existing fixtures can fit your new light bulb before buying them. If you need any more information on this, we have made a guide on shopping your LED bulbs by bases.

Cool white lighting has been found to help you concentrate better, as well as just allowing you to see everything much more clearly. This is exactly why people choose to place them in places where they study or work. It differs from natural white, as it doesn’t have a yellow tint to it, rather it has a blue tint.

Colours are a great way to shop your LED bulbs, as they can completely change the function, feel and look of a room. If you’re deciding to pick your bulbs based on this, you can check out our guide for a little more information.

If you’re unsure, confused or overwhelmed, please contact us. We are LED experts and will offer you helpful and honest advice, specifically for your home and your needs.