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The LED Revolution

LED Lighting – the Newer Brightness is Here

Spice Up Lighting Designs with LEDs

LEDs Float Down Tokyo River

LEDs that Feature GPS-like Functions on Test Phase

University Scientists Develop “Spintronic” LED

Hollywood-based LED Firm Grabs $40 million Contract

A ‘Shady’ Take on the LED

Designer to Create Field of Light at Ayer’s Rock with LEDs

LED-Lit Indoor Plants Grow Faster

Belkin Offers New LED System

Light Science – How to Set the Mood with Light

Bendy LED Flashlights Look like Something Taken Out of Pixar Animated Film

LEDs used for Ventilation

LEDs light up the Holidays

LEDs – How to Managing the Lighting System

A Light Bulb Made of Wood. Yes, Wood.

Gulf Tower Illuminates Pittsburgh Skyline with LED Light Show

Another US City Makes the Switch to LED Lights

Which LED Torch Should you Get?

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We have created the first LED filament bulb that was designed to replace traditional lighting solution like the incandescent light bulb. The design of the LED filament was inspired by the classic design of the Edison bulb combined with 21st century LED lighting technology.

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