Event Lighting

Whether it’s a silent play or a noisy rock show, lighting makes a huge difference in making or breaking the show. The lights help keep the audience alive and the performers visible on the stage, which is why it’s always important to invest in good lighting when managing a venue. One of the best choices for lighting these days are LED light bulbs, but people tend to steer away from them because of their price. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in these great bulbs. 

They Have a Higher CRI The CRI or color rendering index is the measure by which light bulbs are rated on how accurate they make colors appear under their light. When you’re on stage, you want everything to look as vivid as possible; want props and costumes to look better, make-up to look nicer, and everyone in the audience t see even the little details. The higher the CRI, the better for the stage. 

They Use Less Power Having a show or performance once or twice a day eats up a lot of electricity. In the old days, the number of light bulbs used to light stage setups was staggering. That, however, has changed today as bulbs become brighter. Brightness comes with a price—more energy. But, LED bulbs use around 90 percent less power compared to other high powered light bulbs like halogens, meaning you can save a lot of money just on the lights alone. 

They Generate Less Heat These bulbs don’t heat up as much as other light bulbs do, so performers and people sitting near the stage feel more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than a hot, bright light beaming at you for several minutes—just ask anyone who’s ever been on a stage. 

They’ve Become more Accessible You can find these lights at any light store these days. In fact, several cities and countries have phased out older bulbs like incandescents, so it’s about time for you to upgrade and get with the newest technology in lighting. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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