When we’re out buying light bulbs, many of us don’t bother with what tone we get. Although most hardware or home improvement stores have sample panels which shows us what the bulb looks like when it’s actually lit up, we usually just pass through them. We just pick the first thing on the shelf and buy it. However, we should be more careful when it comes to picking out what tone a light bulb has before we buy it. Its tone can actually make a big difference. 

Light Tones Help make Us Feel Relaxed or ActiveOur bodies naturally react to the light around us. Many experiments on lighting have shown that subjects placed under bright light that simulates daylight or cool lights are still active, even if they’ve only sleep for a few hours. On the other hand, bulbs that give out a warm light tend to have a relaxing effect on people. Many new bulbs, especially LED bulbs, offer different kinds of tones that you can choose from. 

Keeps You in a Good Mood Lighting has a strange relationship with our emotions and moods. Light therapy has become one of the most common alternative therapies for people who suffer from mood disorders and depression. Light therapy is used to help people with seasonal affective disorder or SAD and sleeping disorders who don’t want to take medication. They even have a special light panel which is usually made with LEDs that they use for their session. 

It Adds More Life to the Room Some rooms, and even interior designs, would look better under certain tones. They help bring out the color of the furniture and other pieces in the room. Try different tones to see which ones work the best for the room. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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