Warm Toned LED Lights

When it comes to choosing LED light bulbs, you can get either a warm toned or cool toned bulb. Warm toned lights have a yellowing color to them while cool toned bulbs have a bluish, white light. When lighting your home, you’re better off choosing a warm toned bulb. This yellowish light gives you a number of benefits aside from giving a beautiful light to your home. Relaxing Warm toned lights are definitely more relaxing to look at compared to cool toned lights.

The yellow tone gives it a softer look, even if the lights are giving off the same brightness. Warm toned bulbs are perfect to place in bedrooms, home offices, and other places where you just want to kick back and relax. Use a dimmer to control the brightness and you can change the mood of the space without changing the bulb. Welcoming The yellow light has a welcoming feel to it. It gives the space a warm, homey feel which will make anyone feel welcomed. Place warm toned bulbs in your living room or dinning room and your guest will feel at ease and welcomed.

Many LED lights now come with functions that let you connect it to a mobile device and uses your phone or tablet to control your entertainment area. They let you synchronize your lights with music, which makes it ideal for entertaining. It Mimics Late Afternoon or Early Morning Light The light given off by warm toned LED bulbs resemble late afternoons and early morning light. Think of sunrises and sunsets. The natural lighting during these times give use a nice, calming feeling. Some LED lights would even let you change the hue of the bulb to get as close to the color of a sunrise or sunset.

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