Shops should Switch to LEDs

Finding ways to save on operational costs can be a never ending conquest for any business owner. Owning a shop means you have to worry about utilities like water and lights, and depending on what your business is, doing so can be a tough challenge.

Since lighting makes up a huge percent of your total power bill, switching to more energy effect bulbs is a great place to start. If your goal is reduce energy consumption, energy efficiency, and lower maintenance costs, light emitting diode bulbs, or LEDs, are the best solution for lighting. 

Lower Costs for Operation The beauty of LED lights is that they cost less to use. These bulbs were built to be replacements to older, inefficient incandescent bulbs, which most of us have been using for years. They use less power to generate the same brightness offered by older bulbs. Consider this: A 10- to 15-watt LED is enough to replace a typical 100-watt incandescent bulb. 

Better Light Output and Variety LED bulbs are known for their great light output. They’re definitely bright, which is perfect for shops since you want your customers to see your displays properly. LED lights also come in different tones, so you can match the light with the mood you’re trying to achieve for your space. You can also get colored LED lights if you want to get creative with your lighting. 

Your Products Look Better LED lights also have high ratings on the CRI or color rendering index, the rating that measures how accurate light shows the true color of an illuminated object. Simply put, it measures how red is red under light. The higher the rating, the better it is to use, especially for displays.

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