Why Get Smart LEDs Light Bulbs for Entertainment?

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Like televisions and refrigerators, LEDs are now integrating the power of Bluetooth and wifi connections to their functionality. Thanks to this, you can connect your Smart LED lights to your phone or tablet to the network and control them using an App. It’s this remarkable ability, along with other high-tech features, that makes these bulbs a perfect light for entertaining.


Instant Colour Change

Want to add drama and pizazz to your space? Some Smart LEDs come with a feature that allows you to change the colour of the light! You don’t need to get a coloured light bulb. Just change the colour of the light and watch the room glow. These can also be a part of your entertainment system. Turn it up and wow your guest with colorful lighting or change the color to something more mellow and  have a romantic dinner with your loved one at home.


Move With Sensors

Dance and have fun or add drama to the room by making the light flicker. Some Smart LEDs come with a sensor that lets them dim or brighten depending on the sound. Your living room instantly turns into a dance floor and your home lights into club lighting. Movies will never be the same again. Have the sensor on during a scary movie and really feel the scare as the light get dimmer and dimmer.


Sound All Around

Some Smart LED bulbs come with, believe it or not, speakers. Since you can connect multiple bulbs in the network, you can have music playing all throughout your house now without having to hook up a huge, complicated sound system. Play the song on your phone though the bulbs and get the party started.

Smart LEDs may be a bit pricier compared to other LEDs in the market, but their awesome features really make up for their price.

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