Preparing a stage for an event, whether for a play or concert, means having to ensure the entire stage has the right lighting when needed. Stage lighting is tricky because the proper setup not only has to have the right number of lights, but the proper combination and kind of lighting systems to add dram and create the event/concert experience. This is why the best productions have a light director to manage the stage’s lighting systems and ensure a great show. Most stage set ups high powered lights to give the area light. However, you can actually use LED light bulbs as stage lighting. In fact, LEDs actually have several benefits over traditional lighting solutions. 

Easier to Maintain True, LED bulbs are pricier compared to common bulbs, but they also last longer. This is perfect since you don’t want to use high maintenance bulbs that need to be changed every so often because they burn out too quickly. LEDs also don’t lose their glow overtime. They’re perfect for over-head lighting or for places on the stage where it’s difficult to screw and unscrew bulbs. 

Eco-friendly What makes these bulbs so great is that they use very little power to produce the same amount of light a tungsten or halogen light would. As intense as their brightness is, it only consumes around 7 to 10 watts to mimic a 100 watt incandescent bulb. You’d notice a big difference on the power bill right away after switching to these energy friendly bulbs

Little Heat A main issue when it comes to stage lighting is that they can get a bit hot. This distracts the performers and can even turn the lights into a fire hazard. Since LEDs don’t produce a tone of heat energy when they light up, performers and stage crew members feel more comfortable working around them. They’re also considerably safer. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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