Why Get An App Controlled Lighting System

Light bulbs have evolved into more than just glass bulbs that provide light. These days, you can find light bulbs that give out different colours, consume 70 to 80 percent less power than what they use to need, and even connect to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth technology for control. These smart, energy efficient bulbs make it easier for you to control your lighting system, as well as add an interesting flare to your space. Here are some reasons why you should get an app-controlled lighting system.

Easy Control Instead of having different switches and knobs to control the brightness of the bulbs, all you need is an app and you can simply just change the settings on your smartphone or tablet. These lighting systems often work through a Bluetooth connection. You can just download the app, pair your light bulbs to the device via Bluetooth, and you can control the light. It’s that simple.

Group Function Another feature that these smart light bulbs have is that you can add them all in a group and control with only one device. This is a great function especially if you’re planning to place these bulbs outside or in your entertainment area. You can synchronize them to light up and change colours at the same time. Some systems even let you synchronize the lights to the music you’re playing so they light up with the beat.

Unlimited Colours Most of these smart bulbs will let you change or even set whatever colour you’d like the bulb to light up in. Unlike conventional bulbs, these systems often use LED light bulbs, which can light up in different colours. Get creative and entertain your friends and family with your smart lighting system.

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