As far as energy friendly bulbs go, the market is being flooded by them. Knowing which one is the best choice, especially when it comes to your kid’s room, is going to be an important decision to make. Out of all the different bulbs, LEDs are the ones you definitely should give a shot. Here are a few reasons why you should choose LEDs for your child’s room. 

They Don’t Contain Toxic Substances Safety should the first priority when it comes to your kids. You want to make sure that nothing could harm or hurt them and that all the items in their room are kid friendly. Other light bulbs in the market, like CFLs, contain a small amount of mercury. This amount, though small, could still become a hazard. in case something happens to the bulb and it breaks, your kids could be exposed to the poisonous metal. You’re better off using LED light bulbs. They use a different kind of chemical reaction which doesn’t involve any toxic chemicals to light up. 

They don’t produce a Lot of Heat Older bulbs, especially incandescent ones, created a lot of heat when they were kept on for long periods of time. A child could find his or her way to the lamp or light fixture and touch it out of curiosity. This will result with a burn or worse. Since LEDs produce very little heat energy, even if they’ve been kept on for hours, they’re perfect for a child’s room. They can touch the bulb without getting hurt and it’s less of a worry. 

They have different Colors and Designs Planning to make your kid their own night light? jazz it up by using colored LEDs or even LED tubes that you can get per meter. Colored LED bulbs might be a bit too harsh so remember to defuse the light. For questions and inquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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