Cree LED Lights

Out of all the LED products in the market, many people look for which ones help bring out the best colors when they illuminate a space. FINDING a light bulb that casts a crisp, flattering glow can be complicated these days. The most advanced bulbs on the market—known as LED models—are kind of like the Tesla Roadster of the lighting world: eco-friendly, high-performance and loaded with dizzying options. While the light from early-gen LED bulbs could be pallid, the latest models from major manufacturers—like Cree, CREE +0.28% GE, Lighting Science (often sold under Home Depot's EcoSmart brand), Philips and Sylvania—are indistinguishable from a standard incandescent. They've also gotten brighter: You can now find models comparable to 100-watt incandescent bulbs. Prices have plummeted, too. Although at roughly $10 to $20 each, the average LED bulb is more expensive than an incandescent, you can get superlative light for that premium. Read the full story on the Wall Street Journal.


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