Where to Place your LED Lights

Shifting to LED bulbs is one of the best ways to save money on energy consumption and maintenance while doing your share in keeping your choices Eco-friendly. You help preserve the environment while getting the best type of light bulb for your home. If you’re still new to using these bulbs or you’re still transitioning to using them, you might need some help in planning out where to place them. Below are a few tips on where you can place your first LED lights.

Outside LED lights make wonderful outdoor lighting. They give out a clean, brighter light compared to other bulbs and they don’t break or burn out as easily. Some LED lights light up in different colors which make them more interesting to use for outdoor lighting. They can definitely jazz up your front porch or backyard and give your landscape or garden a wonderful glow.

Living Room / Bedroom Like most bulbs, you can choose between warm and cool tones when buying LEDs. Warm LED lights are perfect for the living room or bedroom. They give off a wonderful yellow light that’s calming and relaxing. Warm toned lights are also welcoming so your guest will feel more welcomed as you let them into your living room.

Dining Room The high CRI ratings on LED light make them a great light to use in dining rooms. CRI or color rendering index is the level of how a color looks under a certain light. Simply put, how red is red when illuminated under this bulb. This plays an important role, especially when it comes to food presentation. Also, dinning rooms are often the most furnished areas in home, with beautiful furniture, tables, and details that you’ll want to show off.

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