Portable Light

Portable lights are always handy to carry around with you. They’re right there when you need to shed some light on something, they give off a bright light thanks to LEDs, plus they usually just need to be charged or operated with a couple of batteries that you can but at any convenience store.

Below are some places where you should store a portable light just in case you might need it, which is more often than you might think. 

Bedside Table Keep a portable light on your bedside table so you can illuminate something without actually turning the lamp or the room lights on. This is very handy especially when you share the room with other people and you don’t want them to wake up. Using a portable light isn’t recommendable for reading, but there are portable reading lights that you can clip on your book or magazine which gives out enough light for you to comfortable read it. 

Car A portable light should be a staple in any car. In case of emergencies or when you need to pop the hood to check on the engine, you’re going to need a light to make the job easier. Keep a portable light with a bright bream, like LED bulbs, so you can get a good amount of brightness. Portable lights can also be used as signals in case your car breaks down and you have no other choice but to keep it in the middle of the road until help comes along. 

Tool Box Whether you need some extra lighting for a project or if you need to go through a simple fix something inside the house, keep a handy portable light in your tool box. Check on the portable light from time to time to make sure it still has some power left inside. Keep some spare batteries as well, just in case.


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