Colored Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to add color to any space without painting it is by using colored light bulbs. Most light bulb makers have a line of colored bulbs and different varieties may have different light qualities. You can even find a number of LEDs with bright colors that you can use.

When working with colored bulbs, whether it’s for and indoor or outdoor space, there are a few thing that you need to remember. 

Clashing Colors will Look Bad If you’re planning to use two different colored bulbs in one space, make sure that they actually commonest each other, unless you’re after a distorted look. Some colors don’t look good with certain colors and could even result in a very harsh looking lighting.

Look for a color chart or do some research on which colors would work together. Try to test the bulbs out before you buy them at the store. There should be a few opened ones that you can try out or ask the sales person for some assistance. 

Don’t Forget that Angles make A Difference Where will you be placing these colored bulbs? Since colored bulbs are usually used to highlight something, it’s important that you place the bulb in the right angle to make the item really pop out of the foreground.

Play around with the angles and don’t limit yourself with just placing the bulbs on the bottom of whatever you want it to highlight. They lighting it from above, the back, even the sides. 

Space Matters Colored bulbs give out a strong light, especially if they’re LED bulbs. If you want to get solid colors, give the bulbs some space when arranging them. Keep in mind that if you place them too close together, the colors will bend and create a different colored light. The distance between the different colors can affect the whole look of the space so move them around and check where they look the best.

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