During emergencies like hurricanes, storms, or even accidents like fires, you’d want to make sure that you don’t end up running around in the darkness, getting things together and looking for a safe place to stay. Emergency lights can save your life, and it’s vital that you have these in your home. They can light up for hours, give you enough light to keep you safe and help you get though a calamity. There are a number of emergency light systems to choose form, ranging from industrial high-powered units to simple but effective models with LED bulbs. Below are a few things to keep in mind when picking out emergency lights. 

Brightness You’d want an emergency light that give you enough brightness to light up a wide area. Check the tag or the light itself and look up how bright it can be. You can also opt for emergency lights that are equipped with LED lights, which are much brighter than halogens or incandescent bulbs. It’s also a good idea to get emergency bulbs with energy efficient bulbs since they can last longer. 

Power How many hours can the emergency light last? You’d want to make the most of the emergency light by getting one that can last you a pretty long time. Look for unit that can store enough power to stay lit for more than 4 hours. You can never tell what time a calamity can strike, and if it happens during the night, you’d want an emergency light system that can last you all night long. 

Movability You should get an emergency light that you can mount off the wall and carry with you. Pick out something that’s lightweight and has a handle. You might need to get out, and it’s a big help to have a bright light to guide your way. Some models even let you place batteries in so you can extend its use.

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