What to Do with your Holiday Lights After the Holidays

What to Do with your Holiday Lights After the Holidays

All the bright lights and décor will soon be taken down after the holidays. People spend a lot of money on them and after the season, they end up stored in a box, only coming out when the holidays roll in again. However, there are a few ways that you can use your holiday lights during the off-season.

Below are a few ideas. 

Use Them as Light Accents for your Outdoor Space You can use these lights outside to add a magical look to it. Hang these lights from one post to another or drape a few of them over a tree to create a willow tree look. Single colored holiday lights that are made with LED bulbs work beautifully with this.

They’re bright, but not too bright, making them the best accent lights for gardens or outdoor entertainment spaces. You can even use these lights as guide lights in walkways. 

Decorative Indoor Lights Holiday lights can be used as highlighters. They’re great to place around wall displays, painting or even at the side of bars or tables. You can also place them at the back of shelves to give a soft glow to the books or little trinkets that are displayed on them.

Holiday lights can also be used in your kid’s rooms as night lights. Since they’re like strings, you can spell out letters or make figures with them on the wall. 

Find Projects You Can Use them On If you’re into arts and crafts or creative enough to make little weekend projects to make your home look good, try to incorporate these lights into your projects. Holiday lights with LED light bulbs are very flexible and versatile. You can use them to create one of a kind light fixture that you can use or give out.

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