The holidays are just around the corner and a lot of us are getting ready with the decorations. Most of us would elaborately set up lights and details to make our homes look as festive as possible, but after the holidays, what do we do with all the lights? Here are a few tips on what to do with them and how to make the most of them. 

Place them in your kid’s room If you have a child that’s afraid of the dark and depends on the nightlight, then your holiday lights are going to be perfect for their room. Those long strands of LEDs can be placed on their bed post or even shaped into anything from dinosaurs to dolls and attached to the wall. These make the perfect night light since they use very little power and they last long. They also don’t heat up so it’s safe around kids. 

Use them outsideAfter the holidays, you can maximize the lights and integrate them with your outdoor lighting. You can do a lot with holiday lights, especially if you want to jazz up your lawn or backyard. If you have a tree, you can wrap the LED light bulbs around it to give it more details. You can also take a whole bunch of holiday lights and let them hang from a tree. This gives it a nice design while lighting up your outdoor area. 

Line furniture with them Trying to make something pop out from the room’s design? Use your holiday lights. Let’s just say you want to place some lights on a bookshelf to highlight it or so you can see the book titles a bit better. You can line the holiday lights on the shelves. You can also line a bar with them or even use them as a backlight. Your options are endless. For questions andinquiries, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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