Colored Lights

Whether it’s to add some life to your space or you just want to give more light to the area, colored bulbs are a great option. Most light bulb manufacturers have created a line of colored bulbs and they come in a number of colors. These bulbs can be used in a number of ways and they’re very versatile. Here are a few tips on how to use colored lights

Highlights If you want to highlight something or make a certain feature in the space stand out, colored lights can be a useful tool. Color bulbs can attract they eyes and make the illuminated area really pop from the background. You have to choose which color to use carefully so it won’t be too irritating to the eyes. Also, choose a bulb that comes in a case with a diffuser. This helps tone down the harsh brightness that some bulbs, like LEDs, can give out. 

Decorative Accents Colored bulbs are one of the easiest way to give a pop of color to any space without doing any actual renovation projects like painting the walls or getting new furniture. Mix and match colors to get the look and mood you want for the space. Also, try different sizes of bulbs. Small bulbs like fairy lights can be used to give the space a magical look. You can also place them in lanterns and hang them outside for outdoor lighting. 

Special lights for entertaining Planning a party? Why not add colored lights to your decoration. Replace your current light bulbs with these to give the space a new look without spending too much. Stock up on portable lights with colored LED bulbs that you can place on the table for an added sparkle. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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