What Does it Take to See Widespread Adoption of LED Lighting?


Despite seeing a plethora of advancements in technology, little has changed in the world of light bulbs. Since their invention some 130 years ago, light bulb tech has stayed relatively the same. In fact, it can even be said that it has resisted newer technologies like LEDsAfter a century of progress in tech, the light bulb remains the same, perhaps the most enduring of backward technology in use on a large scale. The federally mandated phase-out of inefficient bulbs has met with intense resistance, from the Tea Party to panicked buyers stockpiling a lifetime of the classic A-Line incandescent, with its "warm" glow. But beyond paranoid rhetoric is nostalgia: More than one hundred years after Thomas Edison's breakthrough, most consumers still want their light bulbs in the traditional pear shape. But creating an efficient light bulb in the traditional shape -- and that gives off that same warm light consumers have become accustomed to -- is proving tough for manufacturers. The full story on NBC News.


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