What are the Kinds of Light Each Area in your Home Needs?


When it comes to lighting your home, two rules come in mind. You should mix up your light sources to create a beautiful and flattering look and place task lighting for what the space is for (reading, cooking, putting on makeup). Below are a few tips for each space. 

Living Room Use different table and floor lamps along with some light coming from the ceiling. You can highlight a plant, a piece of art or an interesting piece of furniture by focusing a light fixture on it. Floor and table lamps are useful when you or your guest want to read, so place them near seats. Overhead light fixture can be installed with a dimmer to help adjust the brightness. 

Dining Room To make your dining room feel even more welcoming, keep the spot where the table is the brightest. Use a beautiful overhead fixture like a pendant light or chandelier with warm LED bulbs above your table. You can add a slight glow by using a couple of table lamps or matching sconces installed on the walls. Placing light tubes in your china cabinet can give it a nice highlight as well. 

Kitchen Avoid using lamps for this room. Focus on a good set of overhead lights. You don’t want to accidentally hit a lamp while you’re mixing the pot. Add lowered light sources to light up your work surface. Use pendants and under-cabinet lights. 

Bedroom Think relaxing and comforting. Reading lamps and scones can be placed near the bed for reading, but don’t point it directly at the bed. Track fixtures are great for your dressing area and cabinet. Low tables can be accented with small lamps or LED light bulbs that mimic candlelight.

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