Western Indian state Expects New LED Streetlights


Goa in West India is now expecting newer, bright LEDs to replace their streetlights to help save power. The switch had been planned out back in 2014 and implementation will be done over the next few months. 

LED lights will phase out the existing streetlights across Goa before the year is up, according to Power Minister MilindNaik. The move will render the current lighting woes almost non-existent, and will also reduce the power department’s spending on maintenance and manpower. Presently, Goa has around 1.70 lakh streetlights - sodium, CFL, and tubes. Once the switch to LEDs is made, the State will save at least 15 megawatts or 60 per cent of the electricity consumed by the existing setup. The electricity department will save at least 75 per cent of the total electricity consumed. “Streetlights are contributing to energy consumption during peak hours. In order to reduce the load at those hours and by complying with the Demand Side Management (DSM), the power department is keen to take this project, which will be another achievement of the BJP government,” said Naik. Continue reading at heraldgoa.in.

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