Ways to make the Office Greener

Many of us don’t even think of taking care of the environment when we’re working. We often just go into the office, do our jobs, and then leave. However, keeping things green should be a lifestyle and needs to be practiced wherever you go. Here are a few ways for you to make your stay at the office greener and more eco –friendly. It starts within Again, going green is a lifestyle. No matter where you go, you need to be conscious about how much power you consume and the waste you might make and leave. Make a conscious effort of saving energy in and out of your home. Walk or bike to the office instead of using your car. Use the stairs instead of the elevator if you can.

Always keep that eco-friendly mindset where ever you go. Turn it off Whether it’s the faucet, the lights, or the copying machine, you’d want to turn it off when it’s not being used. When electronics are plugged in and turned on, they consume energy, even when they’re not being used. Water, another important resource, continues to flow when you don’t shut it properly.

Even when the office uses energy efficient bulbs or faucets that stop water-flow themselves, you should make it a point to double check and make sure that it’s off. Be Active Actively promote being eco-friendly in the office. Ask your boss or employee relations office about any programs that they have to promote awareness on cutting utility consumption and saving energy. Help by reminding your co-workers about the little things like garbage segregation and power awareness. Push the use of energy efficient utilities like LED bulbs in the office. The little things that you help others realize will accumulate and make a big difference.

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