Light in your Room

When you only have one or two light sources in your room, it can be difficult to make it look less dim and cramped up. You need to be careful with how you decorate your room to maximize what little light you have to work with.

Here are some tips. 

Use the Mirror Effect Shiny surfaces are your best friends. The more of these in the room, the brighter it will appear. This means add a few shiny accents to your room like silver, bronze or gold photo frames, mirrors, acrylic furniture, and even metal light fixtures with LEDs. The shiny surface will help make the light bounce back, giving the space a more brighter and lighter look. 

Window Treatments If you have windows, don’t over-dress them with curtains made with thick materials or dark colors. These will block out natural light and absorb whatever little light the room has. Instead, use blinds that you can just roll up or light colored curtains made with light materials. These will give a nice accent to your room and they won’t block out the sun. 

Be Transparent Glass accents on your doors and windows help the light disperse and spread better. Think French doors, frosted window glasses, and even mirrored doors and windows. For a little color, stained glass is a good choice. It looks beautiful illuminated and some even have patterns that give the space more detail. 

Floor Lamps Since you only have a few light fixtures on the ceiling, compensate with adding a few floor or table lamps with LED bulbs. These can help brighten up any space and they’re great for task lighting such as lights for reading or working nooks.

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