Green Up your Lighting

Most of us don’t notice this, but our lighting system actually eats up a huge percent of the total power we use at home. What’s worse is that it’s really easy for us to neglect the little things that could actually help us save power, such as making sure we turn the lights off when we’re not using them. Below are a few tips on how you can be a bit more eco-friendly with your lighting. 

LED Swap The simplest thing that you can do to turn you lighting system into a green and power friendly one is by using energy efficient bulbs like LED lights. These use a fraction of the energy incandescent need and they produce a very bright light that’s enough to cover a wide space. They also last longer, so you won't have to keep buying light bulbs to replace them. 

Go for Natural Lighting Nothing best good old sunlight. It’s wonderful at keeping any space bright, makes colors really pop out, not to mention it’s free. Our bodies have been programmed to work together with natural light. It keeps us active and awake, making it perfect for offices. Unfortunately, many still use artificial lighting, even during the middle of the day. But open the blinds, curtains and windows and you’ll see the big difference in light quality that sunlight can give. 

Reflection Illuminates and Light Colors Brighten Anything that’s shiny can help light bounce off and scatter even better. Add some metal or metal-like pieces to the room, mirrors on the walls or even polished wood to make it brighter. Light colors can also help make the room look brighter since they don’t absorb light. Even if you only have a couple of LED bulbs lighting the space, shiny surfaces and light colors Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact our customer support hotline.

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