Some time ago, Walmart promised to shift to LEDs to become more eco-friendly. Now, the massive store chain is planning to go global with their LED promise. Retailer Walmart has a goal to reduce the power it uses per square foot of floor space by 20% before the year 2020. Moving to reach the goal, the company has announced that it will install new LED lighting in many of its largest supercenter stores across the US, Asia, the UK, and Latin America. GE Lighting will supply a variety of solid-state lighting (SSL) fixtures for the initiative, including the Lumination IS Series for the ceiling lighting that is the largest energy consumer in a supercenter store. Indeed, Walmart said that the lighting for the main sales floor in a store accounts for 90% of the total energy used in the building. The retailer has already had relatively efficient fluorescent lighting in many stores, including state-of-the-art T5 fluorescent technology in some instances. Still, GE says the Lumination IS Series uses less energy than the best fluorescent products, and the savings from the transition will range from 15-60% based on the legacy lighting installed in stores in different regions. The whole story at LEDs magazine.


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