Planning to plant vegetables and herbs at home? You might want to consider placing them near LED lights. New researches have shown that LEDs actually have a good effect on plants. (WBIR-Knoxville) LED lights are becoming more popular, transforming the streets of Gatlinburg and decorating Christmas trees across the country, but researchers at the University of Tennessee discovered the technology has positive impacts on herbs and vegetables. LED stands for light emitting diodes, and are known to be cost effective and energy efficient. Gatlinburg uses cost effective and energy efficient LED lights (Photo: WBIR) Back in 2008, Gatlinburg switched to LED lights, with 3 million bulbs illuminating the city for 120 winter days at the cost of what the city used to pay for just three days of electricity. While they're eye-catching, Dean Kopsell, a professor with U.T.'s Plant Sciences Department, said LED lighting can also be healthy. Read more on WBIR.


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