Vancouver’s North Shore Brighter with LEDs

A number of municipalities from North to West Vancouver are making the shift to more energy friendly LED lights in an effort to brighter and greener.

The province is a bit behind the times with its recent LED street lighting incentive program since all three North Shore municipalities have already made the switch in the last few years.

On July 17, the province announced the Shared Services BC program, which offers to support B.C. communities in purchasing LED street lighting. But, both the district and city of North Vancouver, and the District of West Vancouver have already started implementing LED lights into their street lamps.

LED lights last about 15 years longer than older technology, and due to their energy savings, they recover initial purchasing costs within eight years, according to the province. Energy savings can be as high as 70 per cent with the use of programmable controls. More on the story at NSNews.


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