Using lights is one way to add a bit of interest and style to a room. Fairy lights are festive,dainty, delicate lights that are commonly used during the holidays but have started to gain a lot of popularity for accent lighting.

They’re an interesting light fixture to use and they’re very versatile. Here are a few tips on how to use fairy lights for decoration. 

Find the best fairy light design for the space Fairy lights now come in all different shapes and designs. You can find ones that look like flowers or insects, even small sweets. They also come in single or different colors that have different lighting patters.

You can find a wider array of designs on the internet, but you can find these lights are any outdoor furnishing shop, hardware store and lighting stores. Choose the ones made with LEDs since these are sturdier. 

Jazz up your outdoor space These lights are great to use for outdoor spaces. They help give a little more brightness to the space, but not too bright that it changes the relaxing mood.

Wrap them around a tree trunk to give emphasis to it, place it around the fence for a little more light, use them as guide lights for your walkway or place them on the steps of your porch. Fairy lights made with LED bulbs work best for outdoor spaces. 

Use them as Highlighters If you want to make something stand out, place these lights around that item or area. Place them on the shelves, down the hall, or run them along your ceiling. You can also turn them into highlights and centerpieces.

For example, you can place them inside a glass or colored fishbowl and place them on the table as a mantelpiece décor. Play around with these lights and be creative with how you use them.

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