If you’re looking to jazz up the house without spending a lot of money, you might want to break open your holiday decoration box and take out your decorative holiday lights. These strings of tiny light bulbs are not just for the season of being merry. You can use these lights around the house to give it more character. 

Outdoor Lighting These lights will look amazing outside. Place them in your garden, the porch or even on your trees. If you have a lot of these you can tie all of them up and hang them from one of the tree branch so they can look like vines. You can also place them along the walkway to help light up the path. it’s better to use holiday lights made with LED bulbs for the outdoors since these last longer and are more durable compared to older types of holiday lights

Additional bedroom lights If you want your bedroom to have that dim, romantic, relaxing atmosphere, use your holiday lights here. You can position them on the shelves, around the bed post or headboard or even make shapes with them. Turn your main lights off and keep these on for a dim but not too dark atmosphere. It’s perfect if you just want to relax but don’t want to lie down in complete darkness. The tiny LED light bulbs give enough light to give the space a dim-lit look. 

All Around Lighting Accents You can place these lights anywhere around the house for added décor and lighting. They’re actually very versatile and can work with most designs, but you need to add some creativity to make them more interesting. Try using them somewhere that’s unexpected like the kitchen or your work space. For comments and questions, feel free to contact our customer support hotline.


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