US and Canada Markets Welcome New Belkin LEDs


The new Belkin WeMo LED Starter Set and Smart LED Bulbs are now up for grabs in the US and Canada. Belkin'sWeMo Smart LED Bulbs and LED Starter Set are both now available in the United States and Canada, expanding the options available for automating one's home lighting. Both work with related iOS and Android apps, and can be nabbed from Best Buy and Amazon, among other retailers. As with similar connected light bulbs, the WeMo Smart LED Bulbs can be set to turn on and off on schedules, to dim, and other functions, working with WeMo Link and the WeMo app. Belkin brags its smart bulbs can last up to 23 years, and while drawing only 10 watts of energy, they are the equivalent of a traditional 60 watt light bulb. Read the whole story at Slash Gear.


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