Eco-Friendly Lights

Whether you’re at home or work, it’s important to keep being green in mind. One person can’t really do much to save the environment, but if we all do our part, we can change the damage done to nature. We can apply the same green and sustainable ideas at the office or workplace as we do at home.

Below are a few common things that we can do to turn our offices a bit more power and eco-friendly. 

Turn off the Lights When no one is using them, make sure the lights are all off. Millions of light bulbs are left open all the time and they eat up a lot of power which leads to money being wasted. Someone needs to double check if the lights are all turned off before everyone leaves the office or workplace. Even if you are using LEDs, it’s still best to turn off any lights that are not being used. 

Switch to Eco-friendly Light Bulbs More and more of these are popping out in the market. What’s so great about these bulbs is that not only are they power friendly, they also help cut back on power cost and maintenance. Most of these energy friendly bulbs would only use a fraction of what common incandescent bulbs use. They also last up to 10 times longer. 

Education is Key Educate everyone in the office or workplace about being green and eco-friendly. Arrange a few seminars or talks about the little things that everyone can do to help. Place a few reminders around to help remind everyone about turning the lights off when they’re not being used or about segregating their garbage and recycling things that they can still use like paper.

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