Making a Small Room Look Big

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a big space, especially if you live in the city. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make a small space look bigger. 

Lighten the Space Up This is the easiest thing that you can do to make any space look bigger. Just like clothes, darker colors help things look slimmer and smaller. Since you’re after making your space look bigger, avoid dark spots and colors. LED light bulbs are the best choice to light up spaces since they give off a strong, bright light.

Keeping the space light and bright will open it up. As for colors, stick with light greens, pale grays, creams and pastels, and icy blues. 

No to Bold Prints Placing too many solid and bold prints within a tiny space can make it look cluttered and busy, especially on large surfaces. If you’re planning to use decorative wallpaper in the room, choose delicate and small prints in pastels.

This also applies to rugs and other wide surfaces. If you want a strong accent, go with something modern like wall art and keep everything more subtle. 

Wise Contrasts Makes a Difference A clever way to create a nice contrast is to paint the moldings, trim and walls in different shades of one color. The wall is going to be slightly darker while the trim and molding will be a nice light color.

Another way to achieve this is to pair a light colored or pastel wall together with bright white tables and chairs. Your lights can also help create this effect. Move your floor lamps with LED bulbs around to create a contrast. 

Link and Blend To maximize your space, and to make it bigger, link and blend areas of your home. for example, you can just link your dining area with your living room to make one big entertainment area. your closet and bedroom can also be linked together.

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