Traffic Signals to be Replaced with LED Lights in Lincolnwood

Traffic LED Lights

Lincolnwood’s traffic lights are not only literally going green, they’re also giving the go signal on replacing their old incandescent-powered traffic signal with new LEDs. LINCOLNWOOD — Traffic lights in Lincolnwood will go green this summer when a traffic signal upgrade project replaces the existing age-old incandescent traffic signal displays with modern low-energy LED lights.The traffic signal project is part of a statewide program being led by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to convert traffic signals across the state into longer-lasting and more energy-efficient traffic control devices. IDOT is scheduled to start installing LED traffic lights at 16 intersections in Lincolnwood in June, and the work is projected to wrap up early next year, according to Jae Miller, spokesperson for IDOT. Besides taking strides toward energy efficiency, the $584,000 project also has a safety component—pedestrian countdown signals will be installed at each stop light in the village that doesn’t already have one. More on the story at the Linconlwood Review.


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