Fish Pond Lighting Tips

Whether it’s a koi or a carp pond that you have in your outdoor area, it’s going to give the space a wonderful look. Your guests and family will love to see the fish swim around and get excited when you feed them. Taking care of fish is also considered good luck to your home in Asian culture. It’s not enough that you give your pet fishes a beautiful home, you also need to give it some light.

Adding lights to this space will make it stand out even more. Below are a few tips to help you make the most of your pond lighting.

Too Much Light can Stress your Fish Out Never make your fish pond too bright since it could stress your fish out. Fish eyes work very differently compared to human eyes and the brightness can have a negative effect on your fish.

Make sure the light bulbs you use on the pond are defused so it’s not too harsh on them, especially if you’re using LED bulbs. Also, let them rest. Turn the lights off after a few hours so your fish can also relax. 

Submergible Lights So you can clearly see the fish during night, you can have submersible lights installed inside the pond. These are the type of outdoor lights that can be placed underwater and are commonly used for swimming pools. Make sure these are good quality lights since any leak or problems with them might end up with your fishes getting electrocuted. 

Colorful Bulbs One of the best things about newer outdoor bulbs like LED light bulbs is that they come in a wide variety of colors. Try out a few colored bulbs to add some interest to your pond. The colors can even enhance the design and make it look more amazing.

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