Sleep is one of our most important needs. Going without sleep even for just 24 hours can result in a myriad of physiological and psychological problems—irritability, fatigue, dizziness, and an inability to concentrate among many. Days without sleep can even cause psychological problems such as hallucinations. There are many ways to help you sleep better without using medication. Here are a few ideas. 

Change the Light Although people commonly sleep with the lights off, some prefer to have it on. One reason why it’s very difficult to sleep is the brightness. Our bodies react to the brightness by keeping us active because it still things that it’s day time. Try to have the bulb chance with a warm-toned bulb, like the ones in LED light bulbs. These bulbs give out a yellowish toned light which is less irritating to the eyes and it can even help you relax before bed. 

Cover Up the Windows If you unfortunately sleep during the day and work at night, then you will want to keep the covers on the window closed when it’s time to sleep. You don’t have to spend a lot on expensive curtains. Try to go to the thrift shop and pick out some curtains that tie into their room’s décor. Since you can’t control the sun’s brightness, you’ll just have to control the amount to light that enters in the room. 

Keep the Room Dim or Dark Even though some sleep with the lights on, a dim or dark room is still the best place to sleep in. naturally, once the surrounding starts becoming dim, your body functions will start to slow down. Other people ease into sleep by slowly adjusting the light from bright to dim and then ending with dark. To add to the dimness, choose LED bulbs with lower lumen rates or that are less bright. For further assistance, comments and questions, contact our customer support hotline.


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