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It’s a fact that you need good, bright light in your work area to help keep you productive. Work spaces or offices that are too dim might make you feel sleepy and you might end up just drowsing off instead of working on your task.

Follow these tips to help you create the right brightness for your work area to help productivity. 

Keep it Cool When it comes to bulbs, choosing the right tone can make a big difference. Try not to use bulbs that are warm toned. These are better off for living rooms, bed rooms or spaces where you want to feel more relaxed. Warm toned bulbs give off a light that has a yellow tone, which makes it more relaxing to the eyes.

For offices, you’re better off installing cool toned bulbs, which gives off a bright, crisp light that helps people keep awake. LEDs have the best cool toned bulbs in the market, so you might want to try these out. 

Table Lamps or Task Lights Table lamps are the most useful lights you can have in your work space. These lights can be used for tedious jobs or tasks where you’ll need to have a good amount of light focused on a certain thing.

Choose a lamp that has a mobile or bendable stand or neck so you can adjust it to a position you want. Pick out energy efficient bulbs to go along with your lamp since these require less maintenance. 

Heat Off With common light bulbs like incandescent bulbs, the more bulbs you have, the hotter your work space will become. Switch to newer, power friendly bulbs to minimize heat without sacrificing the brightness. These bulbs will also help make your work space feel more comfortable.

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