You can’t fault children for being naturally curious. That’s just how kids are, even if they’re curiosity sometimes gets them into trouble. Worse, they can sometimes hurt themselves. When it comes to children’s rooms, it’s important to make things as safe as possible for them. For starters, a room should be bright enough for your child to see and amble around the room safely. However, it’s also important to childproof the light fixtures, which can pose a hazard—as with anything running on electricity. 

Keep power plugs and sockets covered Because children tend to stick their fingers everywhere, it’s a good idea to keep accessible power plugs and outlets hidden or covered. Several hardware stores have special child-proof outlet covers you can use on your accessible outlets, preventing your little ones from getting their hands on them. Lamps that have to be plugged in are probably best removed from a child’s room. You should also roll up electric wires to prevent your kids from tripping on them. 

Switch to cooler bulbs Traditional light bulbs pose fire hazards because they generate high levels of meat just minutes after being switched on. If your child ever touches these light bulbs or plays with them, they could seriously hurt burn themselves. Fortunately, LED light bulbs are a cooler option, generating more light than conventional light bulbs but generating very little heat. Since these lights don’t heat up, you can worry less about them turning to fire hazards or hurting your kids. 

Avoid glass bulbs Broken light bulbs pose a serious hazard, more so if it’s a CFL bulb, which contains traces of mercury. You can also use a bottom cover that catches the shards should an accident happen. On the other hand, LED light bulbs, which contain plastic parts, are less susceptible to break into sharp shards.

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