One of the most common complains that college students have is how miserable looking their dorm room is. It can get a bit lonely being away from your family and the feeling get worst if you spend a lot of time lurking in your dorm room. Adding some life to your personal space can help make you feel more at home, comfortable, and even adjust better to your new environment. Here are a few tips on how you can make your dorm room look less gloomy. 

Open A Window Get some sunlight in your room to brighten it up. Natural light is the best kind of light and it can even make you less depressed. Open your windows or at least tie the curtains back to let the light in. if it’s often cold in the area where your dorm is, then use window covers or curtains that are made with lite fabric to it doesn’t completely block out the sun. 

Add some Accents Dorm rooms often come empty and boring. Add some accents to it to give the room a more interesting look. Hand a few frames or photos on the wall, bring in a few figurines, indoor plants or interesting art piece, add some floor or table lamps with LED bulbs, use colorful bed sheets with interesting prints, just be creative and make the room look more interesting. 

Use Better Light Bulbs If you can, change your light bulbs with LED light bulbs. These give off a better light and they’re more eco-friendly. Try a warm toned LED which can give you just the right brightness without the harsh glare. Warm toned bulbs give out a yellowish toned light which is perfect for a bedroom where you want to relax in, but can also work in as well.

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